2017/2018 Arhaven House Concerts Schedule
Doors open at 2:30 and concerts start at 3:00 unless otherwise noted
Suggested minimum donation $15/person in advance or $20/person at the door unless otherwise noted

Make checks out to the performer unless otherwise noted and postdate the check for the day of the concert.

9/10/2017  Butch Hancock

(minimum suggested donation $20/person in advance or $25/person at the door)

10/8/2017  David Roth

10/29/2017  Bob Livingston

11/19/2017  Flagship Romance

(make checks payable to Jordyn Jackson Inc)

1/7/2018  Hank & Shaidri Alrich and The Better Halves

(make checks payable to Chris Natoli)

1/28/2018  Danny Schmidt

3/4/2018  Tracy Grammer 

3/25/2018  Alice Wallace 

4/15/2018  Chuck Suchy

5/6/2018  Ken Gaines, Greg Whitfield, Keith Rea In-the-Round

(Make checks out to Ken Gaines)