9/9/2018  Shelley King

10/7/2018  Shake Russell

10/28/2018 Warren Hood with Marshall Hood

(make checks payable to Warren Hood)

11/18/2018  Evie Ladin and Keith Terry

(make checks payable to Evie Ladin)

1/6/2019  Jay Aymar

1/27/2019  Song Swap with Ordinary Elephant and Hardened and Tempered

(make checks payable to Hardened and Tempered)

3/3/2019  Pushing Chain 

3/24/2019  The Cowboy Way

(make checks payable to Jim Jones)

4/14/2019  Gary Nicholson

5/5/2019  The Heather Pierson Trio

(make checks payable to Heather Pierson)

2018/2019 Arhaven House Concerts Schedule
Doors open at 2:30 and concerts start at 3:00 unless otherwise noted
Suggested minimum donation $15/person in advance or $20/person at the door unless otherwise noted

Make checks out to the performer unless otherwise noted and postdate the check for the day of the concert.