Alice Wallace

Son of Town Hall

(London, England and Santa Fe, New Mexico)

September 11, 2022

We are thrilled to kick off our 2022/2023 season with Son of Town Hall.  Not the junk raft that made a Transatlantic crossing in 1998, but the Transatlantic duo made up of Ben Parker of London, England and David Berkeley of Santa Fe, NM.  They are accomplished musicians who cast themselves as vagrants borne on the tides of late 19th-century America.  Think Simon and Garfunkel lost at sea.  Parker is a highly sought-after songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist, and Berkeley is a celebrated singer/songwriter/author and they have imagined a world that transcends time and space, complete with Victorian-era outfits.  The show is three-parts concert, one-part theater. It will leave you transformed, with your heart full of laughter and tears, drunk on adventure and the tragic beauty of the human condition.

“Nothing less than amazing…Equal parts care and craftsmanship, joy and sorrow, it is a splendour to behold….They simply exist on a different plane than everyone else....” – Folk Radio UK

“It’s part balladry, part performance art, and totally cool.  American singer-songwriter David Berkeley and Brit Ben Parker have taken a step back in time with the creation of Son of Town Hall.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

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